Investment & How to Book

Whether you are a new mom, a bride to be, (or you just need proof that your family is cuter than your arch nemesis from high school's), we got you covered! We are experienced with handling tantrums {from husbands and children} and can guarantee your images will be the talk of social media moms everywhere. Sessions are usually gluten free AND organic. So there's that. Minimum client investment for family portraits: $275.

What to expect from your session, from start to finish

Before your Session:

  1. Discover Felicia's Photos. Fall in love with the images and how they make you feel. Tell yourself "I want that for myself!" 
  2. Fill out the Contact Form or hit the "Let's Book!" button below. Tell me more about your family and what you are interested in.
  3. Pay the $125 Session Retainer. This gets you on the books, and we can start crafting your vision for your session. I will be available every step of the way with location suggestions, outfit guides and questionnaires.
  4. Check out our Digital Image Packages available. If you already know what you want, great! If you want to wait until your proofing gallery to choose, that is totally fine!

During your session:

You will get up to an hour of session time. (Most families get done in about 35-40 minutes, but I never want you to feel rushed). During the session we will get to know more about your family's personalities and really let that shine through. Most "poses" will actually be prompts to get you moving and interacting with each other-so there will be no awkward school picture smiles here!

After your session:

  1. You will receive a Proofing Gallery with every image from our session. This gallery will be watermarked until you make your selections.
  2. Choose your Digital Image Package from our package list. This package will provide you with your selected images in an online hosted gallery for easy sharing.
  3. From your gallery you are able to order prints from our lab. Our lab is calibrated to match the definition you see on your screen, with unmatched ink and paper quality. Not only is it amazing quality, it is shipped right to you! We HIGHLY encourage that you don't let your memories live forgotten in a phone album: they should be displayed proudly!

Average Investment-Family Sessions

What can I expect to pay for all of this awesomeness?

After the Session Retainer ($125), and our most popular Digital Image Package, family portrait clients invest an average of $525.
(Client minimum investment is $275)
Payment plans are available as well!

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Average Investment-Weddings

Please send us a message to chat about what package is best for your big day!
Elopement Coverage starts at $1,600
Traditional Wedding coverage starts at $2,400

Payment plans are available as well!

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What if I'm super awkward in front of the camera?

Don't worry, we are too! We will assist you with plenty of prompts/direction so we eliminate the Ricky Bobby "What do I do with my hands" moments.

How does your pricing work?

We do a Session Retainer + Package Price. So in order to book we collect a $125 retainer to hold your spot on our calendar. You then must choose a Digital Image Package (this is an additional charge) to receive any images from your session.

Do I have to order prints through you?

Nope! Although we HIGHLY recommend it (the quality of consumer labs is severely lacking) it is not required. Printing rights are included in every session, weddings included.

"But so and so does sessions for $50 and I get every image. Why do you cost more?"

There are a number of reasons that I charge what I do. Photography has a smaller cost to enter, which is why everyone and their cousin calls themselves a "photographer" . HOWEVER, I have spent years honing my craft, constantly educating myself, and buying super pricey gear. I provide a premium experience, and deserve a living wage. (Don't get me started on business taxes) I would rather you receive 5,10, or 20 images that absolutely blow you away than 85 mediocre images that will live on your phone forever.