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I think the family is the place where the most ridiculous and least respectable things in the world go on 

-Ugo Betti

Raise your hand if you have ever thought:

"I just wish they would sit still for one F*&!@%G second so I could have ONE good picture of them"

I'm sure you have spent way too much time on social media looking at family photos. You know; matching outfits, large bows and bow ties, and children smiling like little angels. Then you think about your child...who just spent an hour crying because you gave them a snack in a red bowl instead of a blue one. Or you didn't let them in the bathroom while you were using it. Or they're older (and oh so wise) and wayyyy too cool to be a part of the family anymore. Or [insert scenario here that has made you question your sanity].

Listen-I have been in childcare for over 5 years. I understand that kids generally don't want to cooperate (if they do, then wooo I won't question it!). Because of this I come equipped with snacks, toys AND a personal guarantee that you will get photos of your children that you will love. I understand that kids aren't perfect. I understand that it's a struggle to keep their shoes on. And I understand that not every child can sit still. So let's run around. Let's play together!

(And I promise I won't judge when you scare, bribe or swear them into cooperating)

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Let's run around. Let's be wild. They're only little for a little while.


Let's capture that beautiful baby bump in all of it's glory! You deserve to look and feel like the gorgeous mama that you are! Let's go wild celebrating that little one-smoke bombs, paint, or whatever awesome over-the-top extra-ness you would like to incorporate! You also have the option to rent one of our gorgeous maternity gowns, which are available to view in the Session Guide tab.