Hey there, I'm Felicia!

(and that's bo)

Before my wedding, I took a photo of my rings on a McDonald's chicken nugget. I posted it on my Facebook page because I thought it was funny, and someone actually called me once and asked if I was "The Chicken Nugget Photographer" it may have been the peak of my career.
Aside from loving chicken nuggets, (dipped in Ranch AND BBQ sauce) I am an over-grown emo kid with a caffeine addiction. I guess that makes sense why I photograph weddings, since Ohio is For Lovers. (See what I did there? :D )

Random facts about felicia:

  1. I have been in childcare for 5 years. You can believe that I am experienced with kids, tantrums and complete exhaustion
  2. I started out going to college for Animation, to animate video games. Turns out, I was GARBAGE at it.
  3. I have been riding motorcycles for 3 years now
  4. My drink of choice is Caramel Iced Lattes. My after hours drink: Vodka Sours or Truly
  5. No, I was NOT named after the chick from Friday. Yes, I hear "BYE FELICIA" daily.

Hey! I'm Bryant

(and my bike hecate)

I enjoy the outdoors-mudding, fishing, going to the race track and harassing everyone in my small town. I love my Harley (her name is Hecate, goddess of the crossroads). I'm also really passionate about fireworks and pyrotechnics. I design firework shows every year and hope to get my credentials soon so I can make it a side gig. Since I am a "Car Guy", I really want to expand my portfolio to include anything with wheels.

Random facts about bryant:

  1. I graduated from the Vo-ed for Automotive Technology. I now install security systems.
  2. I love to travel, especially on the Harley
  3. I'm a die-hard Ford guy
  4. My morning drink is Redbull. and my "After Hours" drink of choice is Jack and Coke. Although, I will drink a beer or take a shot with you after my camera is put away...as long as Felicia says it's okay.

Our Story:

We met for the very first time in 2013 at Bryant's high school graduation. My sister was good friends with him, so after their ceremony she introduced him to me. I was painfully awkward (well, I still am) so I barely managed to say "Hi!". Fast forward two years, and I had just graduated high school. I was enjoying my summer like any teenager-on Facebook. My sister posted something about gushing over Channing Tatum and I commented something snarky. Bryant saw my comment and we ended up teasing my sister in the comments. It didn't take long for him to message me. Once we started talking, we realized we are almost the same person. 

We quickly fell in love-two weeks after we met we started dating. Then in 2018 (after 3 awesome years of adventures, buying a home, and adopting a dog named Bo) we got married! September 1st to be exact! 

Now we spend our days taking photos, riding Harleys, or binge watching This is Us. 

Client Raves

Client Raves

Gina + Shane

They were wonderful on my wedding day and in preparation for the big day. Punctual, professional, but also very down to earth and super easy to work with!! My husband and I shared many laughs with them.. and the photos are fabulous too!

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