With 1,000,000,000 other photographers out there, why should you hire us?

Simply put? We aren't just here to take your picture. It's SO much more than that: it's the relationship that we get to build with every one of our clients. It's all of the nights we spent crying wondering if we could make it and people telling us we couldn't make a living from our art. It's the fact that we aren't afraid to be our true selves with our clients-and our clients aren't afraid to do the same. We are here to create an experience like no other, so that you and your family can have beautiful photos to treasure. And most importantly, you are thrilled that you made the right choice.

Our Story:

We met for the very first time in 2013 at Bryant's high school graduation. My sister was good friends with him, so after their ceremony she introduced him to me. I was painfully awkward (well, I still am) so I barely managed to say "Hi!". Fast forward two years, and I had just graduated high school. I was enjoying my summer like any teenager-on Facebook. My sister posted something about gushing over Channing Tatum and I commented something snarky. Bryant saw my comment and we ended up teasing my sister in the comments. It didn't take long for him to message me. Once we started talking, we realized we are almost the same person. 

We quickly fell in love-two weeks after we met we started dating. Then in 2018 (after 3 awesome years of adventures, buying a home, and adopting a dog named Bo) we got married! September 1st to be exact! 

Now we spend our days taking photos, riding Harleys, or binge watching This is Us. 


Fun facts: I cry at every wedding I photograph, and I'm cheesy enough to make you lactose intolerant. I really like owls and dogs. I also enjoy pasta, fruity alcohol and sunsets. I also just really like to have fun. 

Photography is my greatest passion, so getting to express my creativity while having an awesome time with my clients is the best thing I could have asked for. I love seeing the glimmer in a baby's eye when mama snuggles them close. I love the way a groom looks when he sees his bride for the first time. I love every eye roll from a twelve year old that's "too cool" for Christmas photos.

(See? I told you I'm cheesy) 

When I'm not riding my Harley or editing photos, you can most likely find me in a coffee shop ordering some sort of vanilla or caramel coffee.


Fun Fact: I love anything to do with wheels-cars, trucks, motorcycles. I am a really laid back person! I like to make people laugh. If our clients are having a good time and relaxed, then so are we! Although I love vehicle photography (that's the car guy part of me) I really enjoy photographing weddings and taking care of the groom and his groomsmen.  

Client Raves

Client Raves

Gina + Shane

1 / 3

"They were wonderful on my wedding day and in preparation for the big day. Punctual, professional, but also very down to earth and super easy to work with!! My husband and I shared many laughs with them.. and the photos are fabulous too!"

1 / 3